We respond efficiently and with quality to the specialist transport needs of public administrative bodies by providing them with the latest technical means and human resources to ensure the utmost satisfaction of people who need to be helped with and accompanied in their health care transportation.


We at Larrialdiak Group also offer solutions to those private entities (insurance brokers and mutual insurance companies, etc.) that provide a specialist transport service among the range of services they offer.


Additionally, we seek the most suitable specialist transport and accompaniment solutions for private individuals who require such specialist care.


We offer a comprehensive top quality transport service specialising in BASIC LIFE SUPPORT to public administrative bodies. Totally integrated within the emergency systems network, we have state-of-the-art management technology at our disposal that is freely accessed by the customer, which is immediately incorporated in coordination centres of reference.


In addition to being highly-qualified to perform their duties, staff at Larrialdiak Group, are also trained in teamwork – a key factor in ensuring proactive collaboration with the coordinating centre, the relevant authority (local, national or autonomous police) and firemen.


We guarantee a continuous 24/7 service with the best response time on the market.


We also provide the same service to any private entities or individuals who may require them, either on specific occasions or on a recurrent level.


Proof of our major commitment to our society and the customer can be found in the fact that we have developed a care unit for MULTIPLE VICTIMS which is activated in the event of catastrophes or complex incidents.


This unit moves specialist material and staff to the site of the catastrophe, and the staff work in close coordination with the other emergency services to ensure excellent performance of health care services and thus be in a position to detect, classify and take action regarding the people affected – thus minimizing response time and ensuring the effectiveness of the health care provided.


Each unit has the following at its disposal:





We have created the L·bus brand that is in charge of adapting physical and human means of transport to dependent groups by customizing the service and adapting it to each type of dependency. To this end, we train staff from Larrialdiak Group in the special characteristics and needs of our customers, and work closely in collaboration with dependent individuals, their family members and carers and the centres they visit.


We accompany customers from and to their own home in adding human quality and proximity to professional quality.


We are equipped with a state-of-the-art transport system which is computerized in real time in such a way as to ensure that we are informed at all times about the people who are being transferred, where the transport is located and at what time and in what place the user has been left.


We provide a leading professional comprehensive service insofar as the safety of leisure, sports and cultural events is concerned...


We have a planning department with staff who are qualified in safety matters (qualified as Safety Manager), where self-protection plans (preventive measures, emergency plan, evacuation plan, etc.) are drawn up and their implementation in the organisation of a given event is planned.


Therefore, we have at our disposal the means required to coordinate and put them into practice using field ambulances, basic life support ambulances, vessels, water bike rescue and coordination vehicle and staff.


The customer promptly receives both the safety plan prior to the event and the subsequent activity report.



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